What company or individual isn’t looking for increases in sales or profitability? I work with companies with many differing philosophies on how to sell. The one thing each of my clients have in common is they’re constantly building upon their sales foundation. That foundation starts with a developed sales philosophy followed by a cohesive marketing campaign, initiated by the application of a sales culture. These are the building blocks of sales success.
Secondarily, they determine which clients to maintain from a sales perspective and which sales targets to pursue. They then develop specific sales strategies for each customer and enact them. The final step in that process is to keep everyone company wide accountable to the sales plan. This begins to separate them from the competitive pack.
Going even deeper, they evaluate their own personnel and make adjustments to maximize their sales effectiveness. This requires diligence and a willingness to be honest about the current sales effort. It’s a joy to work with these types of companies as they are willing to take calculated risks and try different approaches. They refuse to settle for status quo and drive their team to greater levels of success. Sometimes they’re misunderstood in this challenging perspective, but are wise enough to explain motives and expectations. They set achievable goals and reward when they are reached. They compliment their team but do not accept average efforts. This is what truly building your sales effort is all about. Are you in construction mode?

Good Selling!


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