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Construction SalesChamber of Commerce EventsGeneral Sales MeetingsAssociation Eduction SeminarsTrade Show Sales Seminars

Training Format

Monthly Group Training SessionOne on OneLarge Group PresentationMonthly Consulting SessionQuarterly Consulting SessionConference Seminar/WorkshopStrategic Planning ModerationKeynote AddressWebinarElectronic ConsultingCustom Designed Training Program

Module & Consulting Areas

Module #1 - Time & Territory Management: Focus on maximizing customer contract opportunities, general administration and organization plus the value of CRM usage.Module #2 - Close the Deal: Specific closing techniques, through the project or order closing patters, phone and face time closing.Module #3 - Prospecting & Lead Generation: Sourcing and tracking leads, using internal sources, using external sources and communication lead data.Module #4 - Sales Call Presentation: Personal Call Presentations, phone presentation, common errors and persona.Module #5 - Evaluating Your Competition: Insight on knowing your competition, effects of your competitors and leading your foe.Module #6 - Why Buyers Buy: Customer hot buttons, new buying trends, beating price objection, customer buying motives.Module #7 - Staying Motivated: Each job or order is important, staying ahead of the game, how everyone's attitude affects the sale, goal setting.Module #8 - Team Selling: The role of each department and employee is selling or not selling the company, teamwork n sales process.Module #9 - Added "You" Value Selling: The importance of your ability and character in selling plus defining your assets.Module #10 - Sharpen Your Tools: Improving your techniques, finding personal development tools and how to use them.Module #11 - Managing and Expense Account: Entertaining and using proper influence to gain business with and without budget, how entertaining solidifies relationship if done correctly.Module #12 - The Role Play: Taking the principles taught through the course and applying them in a challenging exercise. (May be spread throughout seminar).Module #13 - Selling Service Work and Contracts: Presenting regular service contracts and investment related service agreements or products.Module #14 - Handling Customer Issues: Presenting price changes, change orders or negative customer situation and maintaining good customer relationships.Module #15 - Cold Calling: Generating opportunity from scratch. Turning cold information into war then hot opportunities. Qualifying lead opportunity.Module #16 - Developing Sales Strategies: Creating strategies to go after specific target customer or customer types. Planning to approach new markets and buyer types.Module #17 - Selling in a slow period: How to re-group, plan and accelerate slow period selling. Taking advantage of slow periods to position for future growth in opportunity.Module #18 - Improving Weaknesses, Maximizing Strengths: Taking the are you admit are weak and setting an improvement course, recognize strengths and maximize their effect on your customer base.Module #19 - Networking: Taking your association involvement, external and internal networks to the point of generating revenue and extensive opportunity.Module #20 - Beating a Bad Economy: Cut through the bad press, depressed markets and general negativity and not just tread water but grow your business.Module #21 - Phone Selling: Learn tips to cut through put offs. Connecting with the customer quickly. Getting a commitment from the customer within the call.Module #22 - Phone Sales Must Do's: Learn common mistakes in phone sales. Setting follow up customer data management. Learn what to never say to a customer over the phone.Module #23 - Developing Negotiating Skills: Most people violate the very basics of negotiating. They either misread body language or customer buy signals completely. Learn the negotiating techniques the very best use everyday.

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