“Great sales trainer with outstanding presentation and energy.” –Steve V.


“Tom has been an extremely influential figure in the development of my skills in enhancing my relationships with current customers as well as attracting new business. One of the things that sets Tom’s program apart from other trainers I’ve used is his ability to cater his sessions to your particular business model. What works for selling copy machines doesn’t necessarily work for selling contractor supplies. Tom designed group sessions as well as weekly individual sessions for our sales team. It’s been a few years since our sessions but I absolutely use Tom’s techniques to this day. His Time and Territory Management techniques alone have proved invaluable with today’s fuel costs! I would highly recommend Tom to any company that would like to increase their business.” –Marty B.


“Tom is one of the most influential individual I’ve had the pleasure to learn from in my current and past sales career. He helped me become one of the best rental reps in the area and is currently helping me build the same success with Total Lock and Security. I’ve attended and been part of three training sessions throughout my career and presently attending my fourth. Tom has been able to teach and show me different techniques and guidelines to further my relationships with my clients and thus further my Business Development. I would never second guess anything Tom has ever taught me and never will. He is very talented and a all around good guy who actually cares about his employees and Clientele” –Heather B.


“We contracted Tom to help us freshen our brand and improve our market position. Tom has challenged us to increase our sales presence and keep each other accountable. He has stretched us on our marketing approach and helped tie the two together. His ROI is exceptional and we at McGrath & Associates highly recommend his services.” –Scott O.


“Tom Woodcock currently consults with Frost both in time management and territorial distribution; which he has a high level of expertise in. He currently meets with members of the executive team and our sales team to help fine tune their methods. In addition to his consultation with Frost he promotes and provides happy hour format networking meetings that are exceptionally effective and beneficial. Tom is extremely enthusiastic about his work and I certainly would recommend him for any company looking to further develop their business practices.” –John M.


“Tom is extremely passionate about what he does, upbeat – always! And knowledgeable. A great find for us and he has high impact for our sales training needs.” –Richard B.


“Tom is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. Along with his outstanding sales and marketing skills, he is able to successfully complete multiple tasks, with favorable results, despite deadline pressures.


“He has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a dedication to success. I would recommend Tom to any company that is searching for the NEW methods of selling in today’s world”. –Diana O.


“Tom is an outstanding and dynamic speaker, consultant and trainer. I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from his seminars at the PLANET Green Industry Conferences. His passion for teaching, paired with his experience and industry knowledge, makes his presentations both educational and motivational. Further, I have found his timely newsletters helpful in motivating a sales team and a great way to keep in touch. Tom maintains a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of sales and I strongly endorse him.” –Glenn J.


“Tom has been great to work with! His ideas and forward thinking have helped Interstate’s ability to gain market awareness and cost effective sales efforts. I hold his company in very high regard!” –Steve L.


“Tom Woodcock thinks outside the box and will work with you to put together a personalized sales training program for you, your company or your association. He is passionate and enthusiastic in his work. He is flexible and will adapt to your needs as he has for us for several years at BAZAN Painting Co.. He works hard at his craft and continues to get better and dig deeper into the sales process.” –Walter B.


“Tom has been a strong addition to our selling management team. His outside the company persepective and questioning how we handle our sales force has helped push us in new directions. We would have not made the positive changes without his help!”  –John F.


“I have worked with Tom on many occasions on several different projects and initiatives and he has hit the mark everytime. Tom’s ability to teach his streamlined sales process would be an valuable asset for any type of company, large or small.” –Greg G.


“We’re always impressed with Tom’s innovative approach to marketing our company. He handles our business like it’s his own and cares for us like family.” –Pat L.


“Tom has a unique way of viewing the business world and through this he is able to communicate many aspects of business which for most is difficult. I really grasp and appreciate the break it down simplistic approach that he can offer and this has helped me in seeing items and situations in a new light.
Another huge plus in working with Tom are the contacts he has and which he shares very regularly, through networking events and casual parties, you are always guaranteed to meet someone new and to have a good conversation, from which I have waked away with many new business relationship.” –Kevin F.


“I attended Tom’s seminar on Using Associations to Make Money at the Dallas Build Expo & came away with some very good information on how to better work my chamber & networking groups.” –Ken B.


“Tom brings a unique and fresh approach to marketing in the construction industry. He’s the kind of person that you feel like you’ve know forever after fifteen minutes. His down to earth communication style makes it easy to understand the goals for your business. In an industry where “everybody knows everybody”…he’s THE GUY to know!” –Christine J.


“Tom was an outstanding motivational, no nonsense speaker. Overflowing with proven business building tips ready to immediately boost your bottom line. I highly recommend catching one of his seminars or booking him to charge up your office sales force.” –Charity M.

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