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Tom Woodcock

Author, and critically acclaimed speaker, Tom Woodcock is known as one of the most dynamic sales trainers and consultants in the sales industry. Each year he speaks to thousands of people about how best to use his techniques and skills to compete in today’s intensely competitive economic climate.

Tom’s personal sales success is well documented and highly regarded. At nineteen, Tom took a $150,000 equipment territory and grew it to $2.5 Million in one year. While at Caterpillar, he grew his territory from $2.5 Million to $10 Million within 18 months while raising margins by 2%. Working on an even larger scale, Tom trained 325 sales reps for a $750 Million nationwide equipment firm. Tom knows how to get people to buy and manage a territory to success!

His latest book; “You’re Not Sellin’, They’re Buyin’” is a comprehensive guide to developing the proper sales techniques, persona and methodology to rise above the competition. His latest DVD series, “Networking, Using The Power Of Network Development To Generate Sales” can easily be used as a corporate training program or by individuals who are ready to take their sales skills to a higher level.

Featured on CNN and in USA Today, regional and national media spotlights, Tom is quickly becoming a powerful voice in the sales industry at large. Tom’s energetic, entertaining and insightful approach is soundly based on the interpersonal dynamic that occurs at first contact, through bidding, quoting and retention of customers.

In addition to speaking, Tom also writes for multiple publications through his corporation, Seal the Deal, and partners with the marketing firm, Seal the Deal Too to manage marketing initiatives and educate his clients on the follow through on his effective sales system. Contact Tom Now!

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