Playing the Selling Angles

I’m writing this piece while flying over our great country on my way to do a construction industry seminar in Houston, Texas. The client is a large, reputable equipment supplier that serves the construction industry (the name rhymes with “fat”). I realized a practice I do when I’m flying that is standard procedure for me […]

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Will A Better Economy Help My Sales?

Many companies have been sitting back holding their breath waiting for the economy to improve. They believe that when it turns, business will get back to normal. There are two problems with that line of logic, 1. What if it doesn’t completely turn back? 2. How do you compete against companies that have adjusted their […]

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Basic Sales Steps; 1,2,3,…1,2,3,…1

The more I work with contractors on their sales approach, the more I find one or two of the very basic sales steps missing. There are many viewpoints on what the proper sales technique is, but some aspects are undeniable. No matter how talented you may be or how hard you’re willing to work, you […]

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The Loss of Personal Contact

The pressure to give in is immense! Do everything electronically and save time. You’ll also cut costs. Sounds great doesn’t it. Communicating by email or text. Getting plans off FTP sites. Researching suppliers through their websites. Electronic deposits for payment (though for some reason few “modernize” to this particular technique). All making the need to […]

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Excusing Poor Sales Work

I’ve worked with hundreds of people responsible for their company’s sales effort. I’ve seen some incredible individuals that seem to be in the mix on every deal they go after. They nail it and ask little in return except for their bonus or commission check. Their companies thrive and their profit margins are strong. The […]

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Lazy Marketing, Lazy Image!

As I work with contractors all over the United States I find a condition almost epidemic to our industry, “Lazy Marketing”! For an industry that works so diligently to build the facilities we work and live in, it truly boggles my mind how half cocked most marketing efforts are. Now I know I’m a sales […]

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