There’s a commercial currently running for a major insurance carrier featuring Dikembe Mutombo, formerly of the NBA, appearing out of nowhere to block any thrown object. One of his patented lines is; “Not in my house!” I love it! It’s the same philosophy for me when it comes to pricing. One of the basic commitments to NOT sell by price is to not accept it as an option. Being dedicated to presenting the differentiation and value of you using you as well as your company. So many business development people or sales reps cave in to pricing pressure quickly. They do it over and over again creating an unhealthy sales pattern. Then they function from that premise on virtually every transaction, developing a foundational belief that this is the only way to get business.
The challenge I often face working with these sales personnel is getting them to break this cycle. When they finally do the light bulb goes off. Winning a project or order without being the lowest price is occurring all the time. Believing that you can present the difference between you and a competitor is the beginning of success in doing exactly that. Price can be daunting if you fear it. Altering pricing data is not true negotiating; it’s discounting. It’s a myth to believe the only thing a customer cares about is price. Even if they do, they simply need to be educated on the inferiority of that low number when it comes to overall value. The goal is to become fearless in your approach, looking to effectively present the best option for the client. You need to be resilient in that approach and remember in regards to discounting;
“Not in my house!”

Good Selling!


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