The biggest training challenge I face around the country is convincing people they really don’t have to sell by price. In a recent webinar I was asked a tremendously insightful, simple question; “Why do people gravitate to selling by price?” Profound in its simplicity. Well, there’s a simple answer. It’s easy! Yup, that basic. It’s much easier to do math calculations and let numbers dictate your success as opposed to using your sales ability. Instead of gaining competitive separation and establishing quantifiable justification of value, just discount the price as low as possible and hope you beat the other guy.
Though some of the responsibility falls on the corporation’s sales philosophy. If individuals are not trained in presenting the points that establish value, then how can management expect anything different than price based selling? Giving in to the pressures of taking the easy route will result in lower margins and weaker close rates. Celebrating business won by being low is anti productive. It causes people to continue the trend driving margins further and further down. To accept this trend as an undefeatable reality ensures financial struggles and high sales personnel turnover. It’s generally believed by most business owners that the sales aspect of their companies are the most critical dimension. Without a strong sales effort most companies cannot survive. They may tread water for a bit but eventually they’ll drown in futility. So why relegate this critical success factor to simple pricing mathematics? I guess keeping it simple isn’t always the answer to the question of effective selling.

Good Selling!


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